It is hard to find a starting point when thanking you three ladies of The Lux Firm, Aerial, Danielle & Sharina, for the most PERFECT day ever! You ladies were EXTREMELY professional and helped planned the most fantastic day of my life, I don’t think I could have did it without you all. Thanks for being by my side throughout all of the wedding planning, from the smallest detail to the largest detail. If there was something that I needed, you ladies made it happen! You all went OVER and BEYOND making my day extra special. I definitely came in as a client not knowing in the end that we would become family! From the bottom of our hearts, we thank you ladies so much for making our wedding dreams come true! If anyone is searching for the PERFECT PLANNERS… You definitely will not be disappoint with THE LUX FIRM!



I would like to begin by saying Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! Sharina was my right hand lady from day one. I told her my thoughts and she took it from there. If I had a question, she had an answer. She was heaven sent! No moment was a bad moment with The Lux Firm. I'm so thankful. Sharina made our wedding planning very simple and stress free. Danielle was nice and helpful. Although, I'm sure I worked their nerves they never showed any signs. Sharina and Danielle remained very professional and always had a beautiful smile on their faces. Not only did the ladies help myself prepare for our special day; they worked hands on with the groom and groomsmen. Aerial was so helpful the day of our wedding. She took all my stress away by asking , "What can I do to help"? She made sure everything and everyone were in place. These three ladies of The Lux Firm were very professional. They have professionalism, poised mannerisms, and they are trustworthy. We put our trust in them to provide an elegant and beautiful event. They delivered, our expectations were exceeded. I'm so thankful for these ladies. My dreams were brought to reality by The Lux Firm.


Danielle Johnson of the Lux Planning Firm is simply amazing! With her wedding planning expertise, she made sure that every detail of our special day was carried out without a hitch.  Danielle truly cares about what she does - she is passionate about producing beautiful events and she did everything it took to make my wedding day dreams come true. She was with me every single step of the way - which meant a lot considering that I had to have two weddings! She was professional, caring, and I got to know her so well during the planning that she felt like a friend that I'd always known! My guests were blown away by how well she managed the events of the wedding, as she even went above and beyond to make sure everyone felt included and that they were having a good time. Danielle provides 100% first class event planning in every aspect, and I would highly recommend her to anyone. She did such a remarkable job with my wedding that I even hired her to plan additional events for my family. Thank you Danielle and the Lux Planning Firm for all you've done! 



Sharina, Danielle and Aerial are the BEST planners in the world. I started out with somewhat of an idea. My husband and myself love football and wanted to incorporate that into our wedding. We started with that one idea and ended up with an event and memories that would last a LIFETIME!!!! I touched bases with the LuxFirm EVERYDAY for 9 months straight as to make sure every little detail was meet.  This team of amazing ladies help me to pick out all 3 of my dresses along with accessories. I could call day or night and anyone of them would picked up the phone without hesitation. Aerial was given the task of making sure my 3 dress changes went off without a hitch and she achieved with flying color. Danielle was in charge of the wedding party and made sure they delivered on wedding day. And last but not least, Sharina. She was actually apart of my wedding party and made sure myself and my husband's EVERY need was meet on our SPECIAL DAY from start to finish. When I say God gives people talents just know that he has blessed the Lux Firm with all the tools needed to plan and execute any event that is placed before them. Did I mention the surprise of the night that was planned by the LuxFirm??? The Mardi Gras Secondline Dance that stemmed from my hometown of Mobile, AL to Atlanta along with the food truck theme with funnel cakes, french fry bar and fried oreos. Interstate 85 will never be the same. We not only have a forever planning company but Family/Friendship that will last a LIFETIME. Love these ladies for life. Mission accomplished with FAMILY,FOOTBALL and FUN!!!! Book them for your next event big or small!!!!


Aerial Shoots was absolutely amazing throughout my entire wedding planning process. She went over each and every detail with me and my husband to ensure our day was exactly as we envisioned. To say that she goes above and beyond would be an understatement because she does that and so much more! I knew once I gave her a task it was going to be completed because she takes care of her clients and guarantees satisfactory results. On the day of my wedding my husband and I were stress free and enjoyed every moment because she handled it all! I would indefinitely recommend her to any and everyone who is in search of a professional and proficient wedding/events planner. I guarantee you will not be disappointed. 


The lux firm was truly amazing, Not only did the lux firm assist with helping us book, organize and plan our dream wedding, they even traveled out of the states with me on multiple occasions. It wasn’t a thing they couldn’t do. They went above and beyond and played a big sister role in my life. It was never a wrong day or time I couldn’t reach them. They was with me every step of the way. I wasn’t just a client to them they made me feel like family. The lux firm is very detailed and originated. They pay close attention to details, the vision they brings is remarkable and timeless. These three ladies were phenomenal. Sharina, Danielle and Aerial all played an important role in making sure my husband and myself day was one in the Books. We enjoyed the creativity they displayed at our wedding, Everything was organized, tastefully chosen and well executed. I truly felt honored just being amongst the dream-team responsible for such awesome work. Honestly, I’m glad to have married my husband, but I miss talking to these ladies. So booked The Lux firm you will not be disappointed!